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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Most people want to control everything with all of their heart. These are usually referred to as Type “A” personalities (if you are into typing people) and they want to get up in the morning, assuming there is even a guarantee of that happening, and orchestrate their day from start to finish by planning every little detail, not to mention the rest of their lives. In the interim of planning though, I wonder; did they remember to tell their heart muscle to pump blood through their body? Did they remember to tell their lungs to fill with air, their mouth to taste what goes inside and their legs to move forward when walking? If not,I would say they certainly neglected those miniscule details while in the process of planning everything else about their life. Hmm, poor planning? You be the judge (insert laughter here). I can joke about this as I was one of these people.  Finally I had to realize that you can no more “plan” what is going to happen to you than you can plan on your body doing what it needs to do and is going to do no matter how you try to interfere.

The best you can do while learning no to plan, is to “plan” to accept everything that comes your way, no matter what. You can “plan” for the best possible outcome, expect the best possible outcome, and accept no less than the best possible outcome and you will receive the best possible outcome. That doesn't mean it is going to be exactly what you thought it would be every time, but it will definitely be the “best” possible outcome for you in that situation. Expect the best and that is what you will attract, hence the laws of attraction. See the good in everyone and that is what you will attract from them. Expect the best from yourself and that is what you will be. Love and respect yourself 100% and you will see and feel that love and respect from everyone in your world. Know it, believe it, see it, be it.

Not everything makes sense to us, but those who understand that and learn that life is change and that to live life you must accept change and make it positive, or at least find the positive in all of it, they will be the people who really live. There are those of us who are cautious or who just work and go home and never expand our world because we think that is all there is. Then there are those of us who know there is more to living than just existing and who go out there and make our dreams realities. If you are not the latter, remember that you CAN be. You CAN be anything you want to be and you CAN have everything you ever wanted. Just go for it. If it helps, make a bucket list and do everything on it while you know you're still alive and that list will forever change and grow. In that way you can teach yourself to live. Also remember that no matter what excuse you come up with, there is always time in a day for things you want; get up earlier or go to bed later, maybe even cut out things that aren't as important, but make the time and you will see the joy begin to infiltrate your life, deeper and deeper until it becomes all there is. You don't have to have a reason to feel joy; you can feel joy for no reason at all.

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