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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


(c) 2014 K. Miller -  Light Display at Shoreacres Botanical Gardens
Blind there anything more unsettling than not knowing what is going to happen?  I think about how brave it must have been for Christopher Columbus (or anyone before him who did not gain his fame), to have set sail toward the horizon not knowing for sure that he wasn't going to fall right off the side of the world, as it was thought to be in those days.  What courage that took.  There is a saying that goes, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important."  I love that.  To me, that is what blind faith is all about; having the courage to trust that we are here for a reason and that what is to to be.  

We have the illusion of control, and to some extent we have control on small levels, but on large levels, the ones that make the biggest changes in our lives, we aren't the pilots or even the co-pilots, we are just along for the ride and here to fulfill our purpose.  It is interesting to me how individual we all are and how we all feel we have so many differences, but if you think about how many human beings there are on this planet and what a drop-in-the-bucket each one of us are, you tend to realize how insignificant we are on a grand scale.  If not for the fact that we each fulfill a unique purpose, one would wonder how there could be so many of us in co-existence.  

As I age I try harder and harder to embrace blind live only in this moment and, hard as that may be, I find that my anxiety ebbs when I do. Yesterday I made a trip to my local natural foods store as I am trying diligently to wean off of the anti-anxiety medication I was put on by a doctor so many years ago by replacing it with a natural supplement.  In my journey to make this transition I now know the importance of taking time to breathe correctly and stop to take that moment just for me, even if it is just three minutes, they are an important and vital three minutes.  It's the blind faith that is the reason I know I CAN do it and it WILL be fine.  It's the blind faith that helps me realize that everything WILL work out as it should, good or bad.  The good or bad in it is all in how I perceive it anyway.

When we fight change, we fight the inevitable (I'm famous for it).  The moral of the story?  We can only make our way through life blindly.  Why not embrace blind faith and make it the constant excitement in your positive and the change will be too.

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