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  Do you now, or have you ever known, people who take the attitude that if they can’t or don’t understand certain aspects of your personality or your overall make-up, they tend to treat you as though you were less or even damaged because of it?  This has been happening to me quite frequently recently and at first I was dumbfounded by being treated so badly (which is what it felt like at the time) by someone I so desperately wanted to be friends with and in fact, considered to be a friend.  I tried to justify it at first and rationalize that maybe I did something to piss this person off.  Sometimes people don’t understand the sensitive side of me, the artist and lover, the side that deals with tough situations through humor and sarcasm.  But then I thought, wait, why am I only looking at myself here?  There is no “blame” per se, more a lack of understanding, nay, empathy on both of our parts.  I finally realized that this was a person who was basically afraid of her sensitive side an