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Not only is it important to organize your surroundings at home and at work, but it’s equally important to organize your thoughts and thinking process. As the holiday season has suddenly dropped into our proverbial laps, there is much to do and much to think about.  Although the holidays are a time for joy and happiness, let’s face it, most of us find it very stressful and often times full of raging depression.  I know this has been true for me in the past (everything tragic in our family has always happened right at Christmas), and of course this year has been especially difficult with the one year anniversary of my mother’s death fast approaching, but I recently learned, from a very wise person, how to keep a daily journal of accomplishments.  I can’t believe how diligent I have been in doing this and how excited I find myself to write them down as they happen.  It’s as though I’m addressing just the good and positive moments of the day and neglecting to acknowledge the negativ