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The time has finally arrived - it's official - I am old. My son has worked all summer long with one main goal---buying a car for himself. I told him I would match whatever he could make and that it should amount to enough for a decent starter car. Little did I realize he grossed a little over $2,000.00 this summer. DANG, I think I need to go to work at McDonald's. They pay pretty well. Brice has had his permit since he was fifteen-and-a-half. He turned 16 this past June 20th and has been chomping at the bit ever since. I remember that feeling of desperately wanting to drive by myself and have my own transportation, which in my mind, equaled freedom. Woo hoo!!! Wow, where has the time gone? When I was young I used to laugh at people who said things like, "Life is short...", or "It'll pass you by before you know it..." I thought, wow 80 or 90 years of life seems like a long time to live and would take a long time to reach. Even though I am now


Wow, has life been keeping me busy lately, or what? It seems the older I get, the busier I am. Now that I am working a job that involves full physical labor in the hot Arizona sun, I come home and I'm just wiped and ready to eat and sleep and nothing else. I started this cigar box purse about a month ago and have only been able to work on it in spurts. I'm so excited that I finally got it done. Woo Hoo ! I decided on a gold t heme with pearls, to accentuate the vintage photo in the center. All of the hardware is gold as well. I really liked the crackle medium as it gave it an antiqued look. Below are several views of different angles of the purse. I'm going to start another one very soon. I wrapped gold edging laced with pearls around the whole box. This isn't the best picture of the clasp, but it consists of a gold hasp attached by a gold clip which is attached to a gold heart bracelet. The back displays a better view of the gold corners used