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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As I sifted through the boxes of photographs in my closet this morning, I came across this rare picture of my mother's mother, Ollie May Brooks aka best gramma in the world. Rare in that finding pictures of her at any age earlier than 60 is very difficult. The caption on the back of this one read, "holding cousin Ronny."

I never imagined my grandmother this young, partly because she had an old soul. This picture reminds me that she at least tried to be young once, but was probably never this age
emotionally. I so love the hair styles back then. It was all about length and curls and braids and parts. This is my mother, Sandra, and her brother, David at a skating rink. I REALLY miss skating rinks. David was 2 years younger than my mother. He died 2 years ago of cancer. My mother is currently fighting cancer, but I can look at these pictures and realize that they have had a good life up until this point and I have been very lucky to have had all of these people for relatives.

Anyway - I had a great day with old pics.


Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Those pictures are a treasure! We just found out my mom has breast cancer and we are praying for the best.

Happy belated birthday and Happy Mother's Day!!

Sandy xox

Sheila R said...

What lovely, precious photos that you have. Thanks for popping over and saying hi!

Happy Mother's Day...

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