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Monday, April 27, 2009


Hmmm, you might ask yourself, what does this image have to do with a birthday!!!???!!! The answer: Nothing, I just think it's pretty. LOL.

My birthday is this Friday, May 1st, and I had to post to tell everyone of the unique and special idea that my dear friend Dawn came up with for my birthday this year. She went to my RedBubble site and bought one of my matted photographs. She said she has been eying one of them for awhile so for my birthday she would buy herself the present. I was so excited. I love it so much when someone, especially a fellow artiste, thinks enough of something I've done to actually purchase it. It think it is the ultimate form of flattery.

So to Dawn, my unique and special friend, thank you so much for the birthday present and the compliment. You are loved and missed on an hourly basis.

1 comment :

Dawn said...

You are so very welcome my dear dear friend! I just received an email from redbubble telling me it has shipped already. Will let you know when it arrives. Then I will plaster it on my blog and tell everyone about my oh so talented photographer friend who is responsible for my new mediation piece *grin*

I may be glad I don't live in AZ anymore, but there are some things (besides you) that I did have a beauty all its own.

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