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Thursday, September 11, 2008


This month's challenge at One Man's Travels, my favorite photography blog, is to take a picture of our favorite time or moment of a day. This is mine.
I LOVE it first thing in the morning, especially on a weekend, when my son is sleeping in and the cat is nestled under the covers with him. I get up, brew a cup of hot tea, and watch the sun rise. It certainly is a good time to put things into perspective, to realize (especially next to the sun and its job) how small we are in the scheme of things, and ponder all things to come in the new day. Each day is a gift and a chance at a clean slate. I'm definitely a morning person.


Liss said...

Truly a wonderful time of day. I am more a morning then a night person. You describe what the first part of the morning is about so well. The sunrise is beautiful I could sit and ponder with a cuppa tea just looking at that view. It makes getting up so worth while. I love the smell and the sound of the morning too.

I think I have my photo for the challenge but I am going to keep it under my hat of a little bit.

Getty72 said...

What a wonderful sunrise! Those clouds are so beautiful and I lobe the silhouette of the trees in the foreground. A great interpretation of a fantastic time of the day. I have a problem that I love early mornings but I also love late nights, so I usually end up just being bloody knackered all the!

I agree with Liss, your words really set the scene perfectly.

Zhu said...

Great picture!

I wish I were a morning person... I can imagine that it's a great time to think, do things before the world wakes up.

But I'm just NOT a morning person. :$

Michelle Dawn said...

Wonderful picture. I'm not really a morning person but when I can see the sunrise I just love it.

Zhu said...

I wish I could enjoy morning... but my eyes are closed shut till I get my Starbucks shot. Sad but true.

This is a beautiful sunrise though!

Muse said...

beautiful capture! Lately sunrise shots have been really good to get because it seems like when the season changes to autumn the light filters a little differently than usual. Although it beams in my eyes every morning on th way to Lovely!

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