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Sunday, July 20, 2008


My son is employed!!!! We are now a 2 income family, that is until school starts in two weeks. Brice just got a job at McDonald's cashiering. He is working 5 days a week now and will change to just weekends or one weekend day when school starts.

Finally, we can afford to feed him to the amount which he believes he should be accustomed. LOL. I'm beaming from ear to ear with pride over how good hearted my sweet boy is in wanting to contribute to our dire financial situation. Not many kids these days are willing to work and then spend the money on such dull things as groceries and household needs.

I was surprised at the colors in the uniform - back and brown? It doesn't say McDonald's to me - but then again, I don't really ever eat there. I think the last time was 12 years ago and they had yellow shirts and red hats. Times, they are a-changin'.

1 comment :

rho said...

congratulations brice on the job and kimberly on an awesome son! the two of you seem very close. i think that is wonderful. and i agree about the uniforms... black and brown??? hmmmmm... i did a 3 months stint at mcdonalds back in 1989 as a second job... i think our uniforms were white with blue and yellow stripes on the shirts with a cute little blue tie thingy at the neck and dark blue pants. oh yeh, it was the height of fashion! lol

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