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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am SO proud. Last night my son, Brice, came to me and asked if when I went to work the next day, he could borrow a few art supplies. WOO HOO - he's never asked me that question before. I was stunned, shocked, excited and happy, but most of all, curious. He has been watching me for a long time as I alter my books and I always ask for his opinion. He always has something nice to say and comments on how fun the process looks, especially the carving part.

To know my son is
to know that he likes crosses. We are of no particular denomination, we take a little wisdom from all walks of life, but he has always been attracted to crosses. I think he wears like 9 crosses on his neck every time he goes out the door. So he had the idea of decoupaging the cover of the book with pages of another book, and then layering this big cross on top. It's very shiny.
When I opened the book I was so surprised at how original he was with this. He carved out a small square for each of necklaces and painted the whole thing black. He then took my gold pen and wrote the Our Father prayer around the edges of the square. This is just awesome. The other cool thing he did was split the book into two layers. What you see here is the top layer. If you lift that up, there is another layer beneath that to house more crosses (which undoubtedly he will acquire). He says he will carve the squares in that at a later date. How original is this? He just came up with it and went for it. THAT'S MY BOY!!!! What can I say - he makes me proud and ecstatically happy every day of my life. (Sorry the pictures are so blurry - I wasn't wearing my glasses and it was late at night).

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rho said...

very cool! great job! i think it's awesome when our kids can take what they see us do and go on to create their own stuff. it makes me sad that i won't get to do this with my own daughter (she passed away in nov'05 at 16 yrs old) because she would have so loved altered art! lol but i am teaching my granddaughter and she loves it.

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