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Friday, May 2, 2008


Lately I've encountered the problem doing project that require background papers, but I have little money these days and can't always afford to get art supplies when I need them. This has forced me to think "outside" the box. Yesterday I was wearing a shirt with the pattern above. I thought, "cool pattern, that would make a nice background." Then I thought that if I just took pictures of different items of clothing with patterns that I really like, and then print them out on plain paper, viola, instant background paper. It also makes great paper for journal covers. One thing I can do with this method, that I can't do with store bought paper, is lighten or darken the image. I can alter them in any way, shape or form to suit the need of whatever project I'm working on at the time. I love how unlimited the possibilities are here.

1 comment :

rho said...

i love this idea! no my mind is churning trying to think of all the clothing (and fabrics!) that i have that are printed or textured! lol oh goodness me, what can of worms have you opened?! lol i'll have to share the results with you when i get started. thanks for the idea!

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