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Sunday, March 16, 2008


My second altered book is finally finished. I've been working on it for approximately 2 months, but that's because I only picked it up about three times since before last week. I think I was looking at it and pondering about what I wanted to do with it, and this is what it turned out to be. It's interactive wall art. I have many old hard-cover books that I got for free from the library's free bin. It took me two days to finish just the front cover (love that gel medium). I think the pictures kind of captured how shiny it turned out. I put about 4 coats of lacquer on it. I love shiny. On the spine, I put the new title of my book - I call it "Swing", and you'll see why in a minute. As you open the book there is a torn page in between the cover and the next page:

The view as you open the book reveals that is was all glued together in the middle, carved out and used as a shadow box. As you can see from my post of February 17, 2008, I love making shadow box art. Voila - the final product: I found some chain in my metal box and different hooks and links. I glued a piece of driftwood up at the top of the piece and attached the chain on either side of the top driftwood and also to a small piece of driftwood for the swing seat.
ched to the seat is a picture of my son. I had to bend him a bit to get him to sit right and then I glued his hands to the chains. I added some more wood and some rocks to the bottom to blend in with the scenery. He swings from front to back and side to side, quite freely. I forgot to take a picture of the back, but to hang the picture on the wall, I anchored a piece of hemp across the back with two wood screws. When I hung the book on the wall, I noticed that the front cover swayed open just a bit too far, so I rigged a hook out of a couple of jump rings and the ear piece of a hanging earring. It's just light enough to allow people to open it and keep it from falling off the wall. I'm so proud of this one. It was truly a labor of love. This is my first piece of interactive art hanging in my home, and now that I see it on the wall, the first of many to come.


Elisa (the amazed one) said...

This is definitely your most amazing piece thus far. Definitely an eye catcher and enough to keep the interactive souls at bay. WOW!

Babytreese said...

A real beauty!! I know what you mean about being hooked! It took me about 4 mos to complete my first book on Frida Kahlo but I am SO PROUD of it!! Come back to the Yahoo altered book group and fix your link address please. Thanks!

audrey h. said...

Kimberly...this is beautiful(inside and out). Love the idea of it being interactive and also hanging on the wall :)

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