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Photo (c) Kimberly D. Miller - December 22, 2018 YOU GET WHAT YOU TOLERATE... Kimberly D Miller – December 22, 2018 Has anyone ever said to you, “Try to be more tolerant,” or “Just let it go,” or words to that effect? While I very much appreciate the people who offer this advice to me and their reasons for doing so, I also believe that you cannot tolerate every situation or let everything go, or you would be getting walked on, stepped on, trodded over and downright used, all the time. I recently discovered a quote by Henry Cloud in which he states, “You get what you tolerate,” which is so spot-on. Suppose you live in an apartment and share walls with people who turn out to be loud and inconsiderate...should you just tolerate it? Some would say yes...I say absoutely not!!! You pay rent just like everyone else does and you are entitled to live within the lifestyle that brings you comfort and inner peace, plus there is a landlord there for a reason and part of their


CHRISTMAS IS A PLACE IN THE HEART... ©Kimberly D. Miller - December 15, 2018 With Christmas right around the corner, I have been reflecting on Christmases past and the happy times we had as children. I remember being so spoiled by all of the “stuff” we found under the tree. Our parents went all out every year to make sure we had everything we asked for, and then some. We never wanted for anything...except the occasional hug. I cannot fault my parents for the way they were brought up and, as human beings go, they did the best they could as parents, but the true meaning of Christmas was something we never understood back then. In fact, it wasn't until I was a mother myself that I ever really knew that Christmas was not about what we got under the tree, but what we gave of each other, especially during that time, in honor of the birth of Christ. I tried so hard every year to instill this belief in my son and I have to pat myself on the back as he is the first one to s