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Photo (c) Kimberly D. Miller - September 1, 2018 LIVING LIVES OF QUIET DESPERATION... (c)Kimberly D. Miller - 09/16/2018 People live lives of quiet desperation every day, but I ask you this, if this is you, do you know why? As human beings born with free will, we all begin with the ability to be who we are and to live the lives we want to live, but so many of us choose to suppress who we are as opposed to nurture those unique qualities, talents and gifts. Most people even go a step further and mold themselves into something they think they have to be for other peoples' approval. I will offer myself up as an example here. I pretended for so many years that I was straight for fear of disappointing my mother. It took a lot of years of emotional struggle with myself, but I finally mustered up the courage to face my fear and came out to her in my 30's and yes, there was some discomfort on her part, but after only a couple of weeks, she was trying to fix me up w


(LOVE SHOULD ALWAYS BE UNCONDITIONAL) Photo(c) Kimberly D. Miller 9/9/2018 YOU'RE TOO SENSITIVE... (c) September 9, 2018, Kimberly D. Miller/Kimberly's Kreations Growing up, or at any point in your life really, has anyone ever judged you with one or more of the following phrases, “You're so sensitive,” “You're too sensitive,” “You take everything so personally,” “You wear your heart on your sleeve,” “Are you upset again?” “Everything seems to bother you.” Really? I mean hello, we are born with every emotion on tap, and we all have a propensity toward a certain few, depending upon our personality type. I myself, for example, am a hyper-sensitive person and have heard all of the above judgments my entire life and they really used to bother me (of course they did, I'm really sensitive), that is until I realized this one really important thing...without being extremely senstive, I would not be specifically me. I am an artist, a writer, a poet, a si