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Photo (c) Kimberly D. Miller July 23, 2018 LIFE IS A PROVING GROUND... (c)Kimberly D. Miller July 23, 2018 Ah, life in inside my head...for me, a vacation is a day in which I am able to escape my deep, deep thought patterns, even for a split second, and just enjoy “what will be.” Those days are rare and today is not going to be a vacation day (chuckle). That's okay, I'm used to it. The thought upon rising this morning was this: first of all that I was grateful for rising, but also that each day is a proving ground, a survival ground of the fittest. Those of us who remain at the end of each day are obviously the fittest and each day is a day of survival. This then, makes me wonder further because usually when you are put to a test there is always a purpose for the test. A proving ground usually has a prize. If you lose well, obviously you have to go somewhere and start over (hence the term and concept of death), but if you win, you get the prize, therefor