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HOW TO LIVE A LIFE... (c)2018 – Kimberly D. Miller I would buy a book entitled, “How To Live A Life.” Wouldn't you? That title would grab my attention from three aisles away in a book store. Now, I have done some research and I know that there are actually several books with that title or variations thereof, but what if it were an actual user's guide, like one that came with your car or refrigerator when your first bought it. One that came with you when you were first born and it was unique to you and you alone. One that pertained to your problems as you went through life, but wouldn't let you peek very far ahead to see how it all turned out. Even more interesting, let's call it a walkthrough. Those of you not familiar with the world of gaming may not know what a walkthrough is, so let me fill you in. A walkthrough does just that...walks you through the game step by step and tells you how to solve each and every step you take through the game. Sometime