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DO YOU SEE THE GAIN...OR THE LOSS... This past Sunday, the 17 th , would have been my mother’s 80 th birthday.  Each year I try to find some way to honor her on her birthday, but it always becomes a sad time for me.  The next day I realized that I’m going about it all wrong.  I am coming at it from a “glass half empty” thought process when I should be coming at it from the angle of what I had gained and who I am today because of all of the positive things she taught me and brought into my life and her presence and essence.  Thinking about it in this way has helped me to find joy in this day and not dread it approaching.  I owe so much to my mother and it is time I honored those attributes in the positive ways she would have wanted for me and my life and feel the joy she worked so hard to give me on a daily basis. We all handle the loss of a loved one in our own way but most of us think of it as a sad time because we miss that person so much and, in that sense, it can be ve