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WHERE THE H%&# HAVE YOU BEEN? May 21, 2017 - Kimberly D Miller One of the toughest questions to answer on this planet and in this realm, at least for a lot of us, is..."Who am I?"  At birth we are the purest form of who we are, but then, as we grow and change, we become a product of our upbringing and our environments which can oft times be detrimental as it deters us from being who we are truly meant to be.  We end up making decisions based on who we think we are at the time, but if we are not being true to ourselves, we end up in situations that will cause us to be very unhappy at the core of our being due to those decisions not being right for whom we are truly meant to be. At this point you may have a burning desire to pose the question, “Ok, then how do I find out who I really am?”  To that I answer, “Very carefully.”  You have to let it come to you…you have to listen and feel…then you have to trust those feelings and respond accordingly.  You know ho