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SOULEMETRY... odd, yet accurately, amazing word.  What is Soulemetry?  Urban describes it as follows: "Soulemetry is when fate brings two completely diverse people together (straight or gay) and they throw out all they know about love and they fall in love with each other ."  I first encountered this concept in my favorite, straight-woman-turns-lesbian movie entitled, "Elena Undone."  I was also fortunate enough to meet and have a brief love affair with my split-apart for a time... a beautiful and amazingly blessed time.  This movie was my life...with her.  I love her to this day and I wish we could be with one another, but alas it must not have been meant to be...but I digress. How amazing would it be to stumble upon the one person in this life or any other, who completes you...right here and right now? Who understands and accepts every aspect of who you are?Indescribable.  Soulemetry is the realization that the person you WANT to be with is


People often say to me, "Kimberly, you have never met a stranger" and, I have to say, they are right. We come into this world alone (with the exception of those present at the birth of course) and we leave this world alone.  However, if we are lucky and we make the right choices, we don't have to be alone through the journey, from start to finish.  Have you ever heard the expression, "You can pick your friends, but you're stuck with your family?"  To that I say...phooey.  I believe you  can  create your family as well.  I consider some of my closest friends to be my family and in this sense, I get to choose my family.  The one thing that all human beings have in common, is that we are here.  We are all on this journey at the same time and we can choose to know each other, or not.  Being creatures of free will, that decision is a very personal choice. For me, I find my journey is heightened by the people I meet, whether or not I choose the