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I love the term, “Crazy.” Its root word, “Craze,” is defined as something of interest that really caught on for a fad. I have been “crazy” since birth in all senses of the word...diagnosed with this...afflicted with a matter of fact, my most recent diagnosis was that of OCPD. I'm kind of making it into a contest to see how many diagnoses of psychiatric acronyms I can acquire so that I can string them all together and create an amazing word scramble to use on my Christmas cards...that would be so fun (at least according to my warped sense of humor). I could even write the acronym vertically and morph each letter into a series of words like: One Crazy & Psychotic Dame...oooh that's a good one. On the plus side however, having been diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) a number of years ago, and now OCPD (obsessive, compulsive personality disorder), led me to the self-realization that I do have a personality, if not several. I


As we progress in age, our acceptance of our mere mortality takes on a new sense of urgency. For most of us this begins at or around turning 50 years young. Suddenly you may find yourself urgently though you need to pick the lock of the vault containing all of life's though your sanity depends on knowing these answers...and soon. That certainly happened for me, although I have always been introspective, it took on a life of its own when I was 49 and has only progressed into my 50's. As an avid sleuth and lover of all things puzzle, I like to find answers...we all's human nature, but I also enjoy the journey of discovery. It's part of who we are...we are here to find answers, but not all at once or there would be no life span. Every answer will be revealed, but in its proportionate time. Patience can be the toughest part of all. It's like the bible and the Byrds said, “ To everything Turn, turn, turn, There is