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Friday, November 27, 2015


While we still write letters to Santa, letters to senators, letters to soldiers, and letters to editors, the sad truth is that we seldom, if ever, write letters to each other anymore.  The art of letter-writing has fast become a dying art.  

In this day of instant gratification people have lost patience and therefore things that take time, like sending letters and waiting for a response, are just not done anymore.  People either text or email one another, with the occasional phone call in between.  Sometimes I receive a letter in a Christmas card, however they are usually a "form" type of letter depicting the previous years' events and noteworthy news and, while I do appreciate receiving those, I still miss reading about it in handwritten ink.  

From time to time I engage in a letter-writing campaign and send letters to all of my friends, but even then I receive text or email back at best.  If I had a Christmas wish this year it would be that I could receive a hand-written letter from a friend, at least three pages long so I could savor all it says and enjoy taking the time to sit down and read it in their beautiful handwriting.

If you have people you love who live in other states or cities, see if they would be interested in writing letters back and forth.  You can still text and email and call, but add the letter-writing back into your arsenal of communication skills and believe me, you will enjoy this personal touch.

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