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Sunday, November 1, 2015


My book of sapphic poetry is drawing ever near to completion.  I wrote yet another poem to include today:


Our bond cannot be broken, it spans both space and time,
Two souls split apart, for no reason, for no rhyme;

They set us free, on our own, to roam the earth alone,
For centuries we yearned and searched, for our kindred home;

If we're not meant to live as one, we'll search the future from the past,
We'll search for lifetimes yet to come, to break the spell as it was cast;

When we break through and finally know, I'll take you by the hand,
I'll lead you home, through my heart, our souls will understand;

We'll live our lives with truth and trust, the spell will come undone,
We'll be together out and proud, we'll finally live as one.

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