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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


You know those kids..and some adults, who are always asking you why this and why that, but if you ask them a “why” question they say, “Just because?”

I had such a realization today and because of emotional growth spurt. It was a day in which, toward the end of it, I realized a habit that I have that does more harm than good. I ask “why” in most situations about most things. Whatever is happening to me or around me, I seem to want to know the “why” of it and in most cases in order to know the “why” of it, I have to delve deeper and don't always find the answer I want or need or that will serve me in a positive manner.

I have come to appreciate the answer, “just because,” as it is a very wise answer. It is an answer that says, “it is because it is and that is all that it is.” What a great way to accept change as it happens. Change can be so hard to accept for so many people, me included, and this answer just really hit home as an easy device with which to cope with change. I thought about this as I was walking and reflecting on the beach today after work. I have decided that the next time I ask why, I'm going to tell myself, “just because,” and use that answer as a trigger to drop the subject and move on.

The next time you find yourself resisting change and questioning everything in your life, remember the answer “just because,” drop it and move on. It will help you change your world.

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