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Saturday, October 10, 2015


I was watching a movie the other day and the lady who was dying of a heart condition said to her daughter, “...and when your heart breaks, I hope it breaks wide open,” trying to stress upon her the importance of living and loving to the you feel life and live it. I loved this line and the idea it conveyed.

You can be a conductor for many parts of your life, but you cannot orchestrate it in its completion. It is destined to be what it is destined to be. The most important thing to remember in living life to its fullest is that it means cutting out all of the worry and trying to control everything all the time. It means letting go and letting life just spontaneously happen as it will. It means not wasting time on the small stuff and learning how to savor all of the wonderful, joyful, happy moments and making those count for more than the bad stuff. It means saying, “I love you,” to everyone that you love in every capacity, no matter the fears you may hold onto about saying those words. Once you get the hang of saying, “I love you,” it makes you feel really good about yourself. It's one of those empowering phrases and you realize how good you can make other people feel by just saying it to them honestly. It doesn't always have to be said just for romantic love, although it should be said then as well...and often.
The other side of this coin is our ability to feel things...just feel them all the way down to your toes. If you experience joy...really feel it. Even when you experience heartache, feel it deeply, process it and grieve through it because in doing so you will only then be able to truly move through it. You have to fight the urge to suppress things and just allow yourself to know that it is okay to have all of your feelings because they are honest and necessary. They are one of the most intrinsic aspects about being human and living life to its fullest, so please allow yourself this healthy process. Feeling is a gift, and one that I personally am very grateful for.

I hope you always remember to live life to its fullest and if and when things try to get in your way, gently move them aside and process them as you move past this way you can always enjoy the gift in the lesson learned.

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