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Saturday, October 17, 2015



The air is crisp again, moist and cold. I reached for my cobalt-blue neck scarf as I dressed this morning, bundled up in warm clothes and realized that it is again time for a change of seasons. Oh how I love the Fall/Winter transition as it sets in motion the desire to hibernate and bask in front of a warm, cozy fire with a glass of wine as I wait a few minutes more for the zucchini soup I made to be ready to eat. I study the flames as they dance and change before me, lost deep in thought, feeling their generous warmth against my face. Outside my window the leaves have turned from greens to browns and golds and various shades of orange. The hours turn to dark more quickly now and I long for the light.

Life is like seasons that change as we grow and change. We move through the Spring, Summer and Fall until we reach the Winter of our lives, which is where I am now, teetering between Fall and Winter.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to a baby shower today where I bounced a 10-month-old cherub named Abigail on my lap and watched as so many generations of this woman's family surrounded and supported her. How fortunate, I thought, that this very sweet lady is surrounded by all of this love and support. I watched in awe and fond remembrance as her grandmother, mother and sister set this event in motion for her and rallied round as we played games and ate a lot of wonderful homemade dishes. I thought to myself as I observed all of this love around her how wonderful it is that she is in the Summer of her life. I remember that my Summer was when my son was young and my mother was alive and I had so many other family members around me supporting me and loving me. It is such a beautiful time for so many of us, and often a very “busy” time.

After that you move into the Fall of your life, at which time you begin to gain more independence and become a bit more thought-provoked. You start to realize that there must be more to life, which is generally a sign that you have begun to poke out of your “world bubble” (a term I use to describe the way in which we all have our own little worlds that we live in) just a bit. Your kids are older by now, if not already out on their own and you realize you can have more of a life of your own.

When you reach the Winter of your life, you now know that the answers to the questions you have always had about life are actually becoming clearer to you, little by little, but in such a way that you can't always put your finger right on it, but the general gist is there. You feel your mortality like never before in your life and you now know the value (if you didn't before) of time and just what a precious gift it is. A friend of mine said to me last night that because she was turning 70 it was making her feel really she now found herself hoping that she would get to live another 10 years, which doesn't sound like many. This realization had her feeling her mortality more now than ever before. I so know what she means. I am not quite there yet, but I am beginning to understand this season as so many of my friends are there and we talk about it. We know that the impending final destination is the next step, but most of us have no idea as to what to expect next so a fear of the unknown comes into play. This is where faith is everything.

Seasons are beautiful and very natural occurrences in nature as in life. As we change we come to understand life and how to live it to its fullest. Be kind to yourself as you move through your seasons and nurture your changes. Know that time is the most precious thing in our realm along with love, and make the best of them both, not wasting a second of either of them. I know I am guilty of this waste as are we all as humans, but in the end, if we want to know that our lives served their purposes, we become aware and work diligently on ourselves if need be to live life to its fullest.

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