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Saturday, September 5, 2015


(This is my very favorite Proust quote...It's so spot on.)

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You know those times when you are so caught up in your world, living deep within your head, and everything seems wrong or hard or indifferent or just all-around difficult to deal with every minute of every day?

The good news is that you can do something to bring it all to a screeching can feel small. What could I possibly mean by that? This is a phrase I use to describe a process that helps me gain perspective. I go to the beach or the woods or plant myself amid a very large group of people and I realize just how small my life and my problems are in comparison to how grand everything else in this world is. When you sit next to a vast sea, gazing out to where the horizon meets the unending sky, when you stand atop a cliff looking thousands of feet down into a ravine so large you can't even fathom as to how it exists, or when you walk through a vast forest of trees so tall and so majestic they feel like giants walking the earth, then and only then can you understand what it is to feel small. Even submerging yourself into a sea of other human beings can make you feel small, as though you are but one grain of sand on a beach so wide you cannot see either end...full of others like you with the same feelings and issues. Feeling small is the best way to put what you conceive to be your problems, into perspective.

Ideally when you make your life absolutely positive and work hard at letting go and letting everything just happen as it should, believing that everything will work out for the will. Getting to this point for some of us however, is a process and sometimes one that requires reversal in our thinking and coping skills.

No matter how great you feel your worries are and how distraught your situations, the world, nay the universe, is colossal and when you bow down and allow it to help you realize just how small you are in the grand scheme of things, your worries and problems seem so insignificant. In this sense you can let go and learn to let what will

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