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Saturday, September 19, 2015


This morning started out like most, but I have to say, the past couple of days I have been feeling transformed and so alive...very aware of my humanity but in touch with my soul, so to speak and I think it's because I finally understand what it is I am meant to do here on this planet.  It's the one thing that can make my days positive beyond belief.  My realization?  I need to help others at least once a day in whatever way I can manage it...even if it's just reaching over someone in the grocery store and getting an item down for them from a higher shelf or offering a hug to someone who is afraid to ask for one or doesn't have anywhere else to get one, a shoulder to lean on, the willingness to listen, or a simple smile. 

A couple of times a month I work on Saturdays in a small, but wonderful craft store down town.  I decided to walk to work this morning as the weather is so beautiful and our town is holding its annual Fun Fest so I left early so I could browse through all of the local booths of handmade cuisine, bath soaps, couture, wine and crafts.  I SO love these gatherings, not to mention that the stage with the live music is right next to the door of the craft store so I am hanging outside between customers listening to the band, but I digress.  On the way to work, as I was enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on my walk, I encountered a man coming up the street.  He was wearing a scowl on his face and walking in a hurried manner.  As he approached me I smiled with all of my teeth and said, "Good morning."  He stopped, smiled at me and said, "Thank are the first person who has smiled or spoken to me in some time," and then he continued on his way.  That melted my heart.  He looked like maybe he was down on his luck a bit, but it isn't my place to judge. 

Upon arriving to work and opening the store, one of my first customers was a woman who seemed extremely sad.  She came into the store and I said, "Good morning," and she looked at me sideways and went about her shopping.  When she was ready to check out she approached the counter and dumped the items from her arms to the countertop, looking as though she were about to break into tears.  I said, "Are you okay?  I'm a good listener if you need one."  She looked at me, almost surprised and tears began to stream down her face.  She said, "Thank you, I'm going to be fine...just having a bad day."  We began chatting even more and by the time she left she had a smile on her face and an ease about her that wasn't there when she came in.  I felt really good about the fact that I was able to help at least two people smile today and that made me feel really good about myself and my life's purpose.  It also made me realize that so many people get so wrapped up in their own stuff that they don't take the time to help other people anymore. 

If you get the chance, daily if possible, be kind to others...just because you can.  The more time you spend helping other people, the more good and positive karma you bring back into your world and, in turn the more you can put back out to others...quite an awesome circle of life.

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