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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


When you are going through your day and something happens that makes you feel any emotion other than a positive one, try to ensure that your reaction to it is positive, even if that just means letting it go. Don't waste your precious time and energy ruminating, i.e., turning the situation over and over in your head, giving it power and energy when you could be letting it go and getting it out of your life. You have SO much and to be grateful for it all is the most positive thing you can do.

Be happy and joyful within where miserable people refuse to be...see the beauty in your world where blind people cannot the change in you and others where the timid and weak fail to execute...walk because some people have no limbs...laugh and cry because others cannot show because some people never will...know that you have so much in your life because if you don't and you aren't grateful for what you have, you could lose it...physical possessions, emotional connections, relationships, positive experiences, good health, happiness, joy, laughter, love, family, friends, faith and spirituality. Those are what count, nothing else does.

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