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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Cape Arago - (c) 2015 Kimberly Miller

As a person who follows astrology I research the alignment of the planets on a regular basis, especially when I feel out of sorts and last week I was very much out of sorts. It seems that everyone I talked to also had a very odd and seemingly difficult week last week and were also feeling out of sorts. My research concluded that there were indeed planetary alignments that challenged how we deal with one another and how we feel. The good news is that this week it all changes again, but Uranus will be moving into a house that puts us back to ourselves but makes us feel even better about it than usual.

I work so hard to change the things about my life that no longer bring me joy and/or positive results and when these planetary challenges come into play it makes it all the more difficult to stay positive, but I believe this fight is part of the journey. It wouldn't mean as much if it were too easy to get where I wanted to be and I wouldn't be learning the lessons I'm learning and coming into the invaluable knowledge I am now privy other words, without the fight there would be no victory.

Sometimes these planetary challenges last a very long time, years even, and they can make every day seem so hard, but the trick is to ignore the planetary yuck and grab onto all of the positive aspects of each and every day. I was watching a movie this morning and one of the characters said, “We all want love to come along but then we apply all these restrictions as to how it should come along.” I loved this line. I see this apply to almost everything we want in our lives, not just love. We all want, happiness, health, joy, romance, goodness, houses, cars, spirituality, faith, love, etc., but then when the universe wants to give us the things we ask for, we say, “Okay...well that would be nice because I wanted this, but I actually wanted it to be (this)...or wanted it to look like (this) or wanted the situation to play out like (this). I have decided that I am going to just say thank you. Thank you for the gift of giving me what I asked for. Okay, maybe I didn't specify all of the details as to how I wanted something to play out or example, but when I look at the whole picture, I got what I wanted and I can now take the wonderful things I was given, make adjustments to the situation, and just be happy and grateful for the gift, knowing that it changed my life in exactly the way I wanted it to and/or exactly the way it was meant to.

The planets, like our lives, are constantly changing and aligning into different houses with different aspects and because of this we face so many rough roads in life, but none of them need to be met with defeat. If you stay positive and bring only those aspects into the mix, you will always get positive results and kick ass on the planetary yuck.

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