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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When, when, when, when and when??? More often than not in life we have to use the virtue of patience (yes, patience is a virtue) and if we don't use it often enough, it becomes one of those really tough things to call upon at a moment's notice. There is a song I love and listen to often called "Dents" by The Acorn and one of the lyrics is, “...dying leaves need time to fall.” Every time I hear that line it grabs me and shakes me upside down by my feet as if to say, “Hey, if you just let things happen in their own time...and they will happen...then they will be right and wonderful and all that they should be.”

You know the expression, “hurry up and wait?” I can say from my own experience that whenever I have wanted something wonderful to happen or if I knew it was going to happen, I would try to think of ways to either hurry it along or maybe herd it into my life in a way other than that in which it was meant to enter and never with the results I had hoped for. It either wouldn't happen at all or it just would not happen until it was meant to happen and when it did I looked back and slapped myself in the forehead thinking why did I waste all that effort trying to make something happen that was meant to happen anyway? Hello!!! At this point I would just laugh at myself, take the lesson in patience, stash it in my compartmental-thought-vault and move on, hoping that I really learned that “waiting” lesson but good.

Sometimes we ask ourselves, “what are we waiting for?” but the answer is clear, we are waiting for “it” to happen. That is pretty much the entirety of life...waiting for “it” to happen...the next big event to come along and take us by surprise...the next person who is meant to enter our lives and teach us new things and/or learn from us as we teach them...the next great love...the next great friendship...the next big adventure to arrive and sweep us off our feet in excitement...the next chapter of our very unique stories to arrive and unfold before our ever-waiting eyes.

Waiting may be tough sometimes but the trick is to have a life during every moment of “it” and you will know this one thing...“it” is worth waiting for.

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