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Sunday, July 26, 2015


When we are blessed with children we don't get the memo pre-birth about just how quickly our time with them will fly by, but if we do everything we can to love and nurture them, we will never lose them from our lives when they become adults. I am so blessed that my son is not only in my life, but that he and I still share the same close relationship we did when he was growing up. We still tell each other everything and we still talk out our problems and “counsel” each other when we need it...that our love and friendship is unconditional.

Raising kids is hard, especially if you are doing it on your own or with little help (which is what I did). It can leave you feeling tired and frustrated and at times, like giving up, but don't. Cherish each moment in every day that you are fortunate enough to spend with your children...find the good times and latch onto them...make wonderful memories and arm them with positive coping skills so they grow up finding the good in life. Before you know it they will be grown and out of your house (but hopefully not your life) and leave you wondering how it all went by so fast.

If there is one thing I know I did well in my entire life and that fills my heart with constant joy, it is that my son turned out so well and that he is here with me. Having raised him on my own I am so proud and honored that I was blessed with this beautiful soul. If you have children, treat them with kindness and respect and love them with all of your heart because when you do that and raise them with good, solid morals and values and unconditional love, you not only bless the world with a beautiful human being, you gain a best friend and the closest, most valuable part of your family.

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