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Monday, June 29, 2015


If I could give you anything, I'd give you back yourself...this is my oath to you. I have always wanted to help people, but I never really knew exactly how I wanted to accomplish that, until I became a life coach. I feel the greatest joy from knowing that I have helped someone find themselves and start living the life they truly want to live...the life that fulfills them in every way and makes all their dreams come true. The reason this is so important to me is because of finally achieving it for myself. I wouldn't say that I have absolutely everything in place the way I want it to be, but I am fast on the track to getting there and will not stop until I am living it true.

In living a life in which you are not 1000% satisfied you settle for certain things because at some point in your past you thought you had to or couldn't do any better and the decisions you made during negative times in your life are still haunting you but I want you to know, these are not life sentences. You CAN turn things around. When I tell people this the first thing they usually immediately say back to me is this, “Yes, but if do that I might hurt (insert peoples' names here).” And then they say, “...but I might lose my (insert material possessions here), and what about this job that I've had forever (that they usually hate, by the way).” They are also afraid of what people will think about them and what they will say about them behind their backs and to this I always reply, “Really? People who barely know you shouldn't concern you and people who do know you will accept and love you when you make the choice to be truly happy because they love you and want only happiness for you...anyone else in your life who may disapprove, should not be in it.” People become so comfortable with their lives, even when they are dissatisfied and frustrated and often miserable, but they are afraid to go outside of that comfort zone to make the changes to become who they are meant to be, who they need to be and desire so deeply to be.

It was extremely hard for me to sell off my life in Arizona and move to a state in which I knew not a single soul. I could so easily say that I gave up my job of 6 years, my house of 14 years, all the antiques I had collected over a lifetime, my friends, my familiarity and comfort...or I could say that I gained the joy of the most beautiful scenery by the sea with the feel of my youth, the nicest community it has been my pleasure to discover, a job that is fun and so much less stressful than my last one and which I actually enjoy going to every day, new friends, new experiences, new and fresh things to discover every day and a brand new attitude. I've learned to love myself and therefore how to love others in a healthy manner. I've learned to allow only positive and loving people into my life and respect myself enough to know that I deserve this...I deserve good and wonderful things in my life and I can have them and it's okay. I can not only satisfy my need to be who I am meant to be, but I can now help others because of it and that was my ultimate life path, but I first had to help myself to get there. I had to have deep faith to do this because I had only so much money to live on and I knew if I didn't find a job or a cheap place to live quickly I could be on the streets, but something told me to just have faith and move forward, no matter the results because everything would work out just fine...and it has thus far and it will continue to do so. I now attract positive experiences and people into my life and nothing less will do.

You were you once, when you were young and free and it didn't occur to you to be anything or anyone else. Time and circumstances changed that...changed you and it can be undone. You CAN be you...the real just need strong faith and conviction and you have to want it...I mean really want it all the way down to your should and if I can help you achieve this in any way I would love nothing, to you I say, “If I could give you anything, I'd give you back yourself.”  

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