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Years ago, somewhere back in the 1980's, during my ten years residing in the silicon valley, I was a computer programmer for a company called Tymnet/Tymshare, which was later bought out by McDonnell Douglas.  The reason for this bit of back story comes from yet another observation, in my large vessel of observations filled by my ever-curious people-watching fascinations, that people do not actually realize that happiness is a choice. The reason this programming analogy came to mind was that we used to use something called IF/THEN statements when writing a program, i.e., IF (such and such does something), THEN (something else will happen).  I discovered recently just how often these IF/THEN statements come up in peoples' lives.  For example,  I was having a conversation with a customer who came into work the other day and during our conversation he said, "If the money comes in then I'm gonna be a happy man."  Later that day a female friend of mine made the sta


If you think about how we exist, there are two realms: the realm of understanding and the realm of “what is.” There may, of course be many more than that, but for the sake of this article let's keep the scope to a minimum. As human beings we have an innate yearning to understand things; to reason things out and to seek knowledge about everything. We cannot know for sure why this is, but we strive for it consistently throughout our lives. Most of us have no knowledge as to this plane of existence, but we all know one thing...we are here. Why? Why are we here? Well, that really is the big question now, isn't it? I believe we float in between two planes or realms, as I like to call them, i.e. the realm of understanding and the realm of “what is.” The realm of understanding being the more conscious state where we try to figure everything out, and the realm of “what is” being a less-conscious state where everything just is. No matter what you do or how hard you t


(One of my earlier works, I love creating covers) I love to take walks, not only for the physical benefits, but for the wonderful spiritual benefits I get like the smell of the fresh air, the beauty of the trees and the water, the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the ducks at the park chasing me when I walk by (lol...just kidding).   Usually when I walk I plug my headphones into my phone, which doubles as my music players, and listen to my very favorite artists, depending on my mood.  I have always LOVED Basia and lately have been listening to every song she has ever written, but I digress.  The point is that whatever music makes you happy, make sure that is what you listen to when you set out for your walk as you want your mood to be light and stress free when you set out.  Today I realized that, even though life is wonderful on its own, when I set it to music it is spectacular. It drowns out the traffic noise and lets you concentrate on absolutely nothing in particular.  


I must be having a week of pet peeves because everywhere I go lately I'm hearing things that make me wonder what has happened to society.  The other day I was in one of our local stores, Fred Meyers, much like WalMart but beats it by miles, and I was standing in the checkout line behind two women about my age.  I heard one of them say, "I was so embarrassed.  I mean, what are people gonna think?"  My first thought was wow, I feel so sorry for her.  I just wanted to grab her and shake her and say, "It's okay to be who you doesn't matter what it looks like to other people and it especially doesn't matter what they think."  But that would have made her worse. I know much of the time people have these feelings because of the way they were brought up, but it's time to be aware of them and get them to rise up out of your head and heart and replace them with positive and healthy thoughts and feelings. As a child I was painfully shy.  I


I finished my book...the sequel to The Secret of Vesta.  It is entitled, Wrath of the Secret of Vesta.  I think it turned out so great and I couldn't be more proud and excited.  Click the link to check it out: The secret of Vesta is back and with a vengeance, to say the least. Wicker Alabaster has her work cut out for her this time. Luckily her good friend, Pixel is there to lend a hand.Their magic is in tact but it’s no match for the forces they face. Can they hold their own against a psychopathic, evil spirit? Can they match wits with a narcissistic killer? Can they restore the elements and bring order back to our world? Join Wicker and Pixel as they fight, scheme and battle the wrath of the secret of Vesta. Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit and please, if you like what you've read, leave a comment. If you have a blog or website of your own I would love to visit it. After your comment, make sure to post your link and I will stop by and leave a com


What are you "sorry" about?  I was thinking about the word "sorry" today because it dawned on me just how many times a day I hear that word, not to mention how many times I say it myself.  The word "sorry" means full of woe/sorrow, or sadness, and it made me wonder why we are so sorry all the time.   For people of my generation and back, I suppose we can't really help it.  I recall growing up hearing my parents say, "tell him/her you're sorry."  Now at the time I didn't know I was sorry, I was just supposed to "say" I was sorry.  I was conditioned into an emotion that I didn't feel, which is dishonest, really.  I get that at the time that particular learned behavior was considered a "manner," as in growing up learning manners so you will be accepted in society.  It's all a part of appearances it would seem.  Was I sorry I burped?  No, it actually felt great. Was I sorry I bumped into a lady on my way