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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


In college I did a paper on the way the advertising industry has spent years tweaking our minds with subliminal messaging.  What is subliminal messaging you may ask?  The definition I found on the internet defines it as: existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but influencing or designed to influence mental processes or behavior: subliminal advertising.  In other words, it is a way of planting words and/or suggestive images into ads to ensure that your sub-conscious mind will take their bait and ultimately buy their product, hence the girl sitting on the hood of the cool hot rod in the hot rod magazine.  This picture is plain and simple, just a simple stream of ketchup being poured onto a simple hotdog, but closer look reveals that it is actually a tongue licking a hotdog.  Even if you didn’t consciously pick up on it at first, your subconscious mind would retain that message and use it the next time you came in contact with a hotdog and/or ketchup:

Some little-known trivia about the first Camel cigarette packs; the picture of the camel on the pack was originally anatomically correct.  This was supposed to get the smoker’s subconscious mind to relate smoking to sex and thereby make the cigarettes irresistible. 

The reason this subject came to mind today was because I happily rediscovered one of my favorite websites for positive affirmation and it uses subliminal messaging…quite effectively.  I swear when I watch the videos geared toward loving yourself and being strong and independent, It doesn’t take long before I start feeling better and better about myself and my life.  Sometimes I feel the effects within the same day. 

I wanted to pass this website along to anyone who may benefit from it as it has done wonders for me.  When you watch the videos, make sure you gaze only at only the pictures on the screen and ignore any feint words flashing in the background as that is how it works its wonders. 

Here is the link:

Get positive people…get subliminal!!! 

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