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Ever wonder why you wake up craving caffeine?  Ever wonder why, after eating that jelly doughnut in the morning that 20 minutes later you feel extremely tired and still hungry?  Ever wonder why “diet” products on the market can actually make you gain weight?  These are things I have wondered a lot about recently because I still have times when I feel like crap and there is no real reason for it.  So, I went on a research binge and let me tell you, I am a different person now.  I am juicing and eating whole foods and watching label ingredients and losing weight and waking up with energy.  My skin is softer and my face looks younger and the stress has melted away.  My coping skills are stronger and I a feel more cognizant all the time.  WOW.  After having experienced these positive changes for only a short time now the difference is amazing.  I want to share my new-found knowledge with everyone in the hopes that it will affect as many people as possible and maybe keep them from getting


I wrote this poem about anger many years ago, but I love how fitting it is, not to mention what an angry kid I was (see proof below…lol). Anger Anger’s pointless; Causes pain; Eats your heart and rots your brain; When you feel discord; Give it to the Lord; Nuff said!


Some of my favorite quotes are quotes from  D.H. Lawrence.  The following two most especially: “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”  He also said, “I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.” Wow…I mean how much more do you need to know to realize that the answer to living a stress-free life is right in front of you everyday; everywhere in nature.  The next time you begin to feel stressed out or frustrated with your life or job or other factors, sit somewhere and observe animals and other of God’s creations, in nature, or even those you keep as pets, and watch how they flit from moment to moment, never looking back.  They look for food, mate, give birth, hunt and gather, and some nest.  We can’t know what they are thinking, but it becomes apparent when you watch them that they could care less about the moments behind them or the ones they will encounter in the fu


I don’t know if I will ever be more grateful for anything in my life, other than my own life,  than my most precious gift…thank you, God.


Ever been depressed for any length of time?  I mean sure, we’ve all been depressed from time to time for various reasons when life hands us the proverbial bag of lemons, but what about those of us who suffer from disorders laced with depression or the actual disease of depression itself?  For us depression can often be a constant.  As I have evolved through my seasons of life I have constantly fought to find the positive, eliminate the negative and some days fight as hard as I possible could just to get up and greet the day, but since I moved to a new state and made a very positive life change, delved deeper into my faith and spirituality and let go of the reins of control, I have noticed that the depression I generally endure with my various disorders, has greatly subsided.  True it has not fast-become a non-existent issue and, due to my genetics probably never will, but definitely much improvement. Why then the topic at all?  Well, today I was down at the bottom of the black pit aga


As we journey through life, feeling our way blindly each day with a proverbial white cane, we have so many obstacles to cross, much like an athletic high jump.  We can choose to trek this journey in several ways, i.e., we can live in the past, ultimately experiencing utter depression and regret; we can live in the future where we are sure to experience nothing but total frustration and stress; or we can exercise the one guarantee that God has given us…we can live in the here and the now.  If we are fortunate to wake up each morning, then we have been gracefully granted another day to experience life…to wipe the slate clean from the previous day and start anew, creating the day we wish for.  Now, while you may not think that you have any control over how your day turns out…think again.  You are the one orchestrating the tone and the outcome.  If you choose to live in the moment and for the day, you can choose to make time for a walk, one in which you smell the flowers, look up at the sk


LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH!! As I sat, pondering the meaning of things whilst waiting for my pizza order today, I remembered the Crosby, Stills and Nash song, “Love the One You’re With.”  Struggling to remember the lyrics, I had to immediately consult the internet when I returned home in a hurry to find them.  There was something about these lyrics, even though I couldn’t remember all of them at that moment, that was gnawing at my gut.  It was as though I knew they were the very words I needed to finally express what I have been going through these past few months (plus the music rocks). While I realize the song had a bit of a different meaning when it was written, i.e., if your loved one is not around you should love whoever is with you at the time, sort of living in the moment, plus it was the 60’s - a time of sexual freedom and social closeness (pre-cell phones and electronics), I thought, hey this is what I have been going through but in the sense of self-discovery and self-lo


Has it ever seemed to you that the nicer you are to people and the more you try to help them, that you end up being the one who is used and abused, lied about, lied to, shit on and thrown out like yesterday’s trash?  I have to say that unfortunately, that has been my experience 9 times out of 10.  Recently however, through all of the latest turmoil and bumpy rides, I have been blessed with those few people in my life who actually care about me and who I am, rather than what I can or will do for them.  To those people I am so grateful I cannot express my gratitude.  I now live in a new state, in new surroundings with infinite new possibilities for a new and positive life with a happy ending to each day.  I thank God for the strength to get through all of this, but I owe much of my thanks to those of you who stood behind me, didn’t judge me and only offered support and kind words.  You know who you are and I love you for it.


The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this past week.  I have been wearing a tank top, sandals and no coat.  Today I ventured North, further up the coast and got to see the world's largest sea cave which, in the winter months, houses hundreds of sea lions.  Not only did I get to see such a gorgeous place, but I also conquered (this time anyway) my claustrophobia in order to take the elevator down into the cave...the only way down.  I took a leap of faith, went inside and made it up and down without panic.  I had to really talk to myself about relaxing, especially since I knew I was in a small, enclosed box that was gliding down in solid rock, but I DID IT!  Behold the power of positive thinking and faith.  It was so worth it and a personal triumph.  I also went to the Umpqua River Lighthouse and then up through Reedsport and Florence to the Haceta Head Lighthouse.  Below are more pictures of my adventures.