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                Did you ever take stock of your life and realize just how many true and authentic friends you actually have?  The old adage goes that if you’re lucky, you can count your true friends on one hand, but that you will have many acquaintances et al, who will enter and leave your life quickly and sometimes without rhyme or reason.  I used to wonder what the purpose was of those people who enter our lives for just a short time and then came to realize that they are lessons.  Each person that has entered my life, whether the outcome was good or bad, has taught me a valuable lesson and been an intricate  part of advancing my life on its true course.  I used to get angry when I let certain people in who in turn would me in some manner, but then again, I was the one who let them use me so the “oops” was really on me, not on them.   Each time though, I learned something about myself, about life, about feelings, emotions and value.  Each time I’ve gained insight into who I


  BPD – BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER… To my friends and family who have put up with me for so many years and still remain in my life…I owe you the greatest debt of gratitude I can muster.  My entire life people have said to me, “Your feelings are hurt too easily,” or “You take everything to heart,” or “You’re way too sensitive,” but to name a few.  Having this diagnosis of BPD has given me an understanding of who I am and has helped me come to terms with it.  It is something I can never get rid of, but hey, I’ve had it for almost 52 years now and in a sick sort of way I don’t know who I would be otherwise. For those of you who want to understand this disease or those of you strong enough to live your life with one of us, I wanted to post the following information.  For me, I post it with the hopes that those of you who have stayed in my life, can finally understand my “crazy” side. Living with Borderline Personality Disorder Living with borderline personality disorder is not e