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EX-PECT-FUCKING-TATIONS… I love the expression…”One day at a time,” however someone like me still needs that narrowed down to, “One second at a time,” because with OCD (not to mention the other three mental disorders), If I know I have a whole day to plan, then I very much want to plan it.  At least with a one-second-at-a-time view of the world, it is very difficult for me to plan each second and build up expectations for those seconds and/or be let down if those plans fail. Expectations suck!  I mean, there isn’t a better way to put it…they bite the big weenie!  Where does it come from, this obsession to expect things from people?  I wish I could expect nothing from people and then I would always be pleasantly surprised if the outcome were to my liking or in some way benefitted me or a part of my life in a positive way.  How do I learn not to expect things from those I trust.  I think I first have to realize that I tend to put people I really love high up on a pedestal, at w