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How fucked up our society is to constantly sit in judgment of how hard-working, stressed out, tax-paying citizens choose to unwind, especially if they are not harming anyone, including themselves.  We have so many work-related and life-in-general related stressors every day that it is no wonder a lot of people go home and need to have that drink or xanax or joint to unwind.  Out of the three I just mentioned though, let's face it, marijuana (mary jane, maria juana, pot) is grown naturally from the earth.  It is a plant that is not chemically altered and has calming effects on most people who use it, not to mention its benefits with glaucoma and other diseases.  I believe if every stressed out person on the planet smoked marijuana this world would be a lot calmer and people would harbor a lot less anger, thereby reducing violence. Get a clue, government, I may not use it myself (even if I did I wouldn't divulge), but that is no reason to deprive people of some of God's, g

Definition of Loneliness

Definition of Loneliness: loneliness    lone·ly     [ lohn -lee ] adjective,   lone·li·er,  lone·li·est. 1. affected   with,   characterized   by,   or   causing   a   depressing   feeling   of  being   alone;   lonesome. 2. destitute   of   sympathetic   or   friendly   companionship,   intercourse, support,   etc.:   a   lonely   exile. 3. lone ;  solitary;   without   company;   companionless. 4. remote   from   places   of   human   habitation;   desolate;   unfrequented; bleak:   a   lonely   road. 5. standing   apart;   isolated:   a   lonely   tower. I think the definition that stands out most for me is in number 3,  companionless.   I guess because I live alone and have no companion I would be  considered  lonely, and around this time of year, I would tend to agree.   Holidays really  try to get the message drilled into one's head that the holidays are  a time to  reunite with loved ones and be with




Love is tough at best, except in those rare occasions when it is absolutely right.  We cannot help who we love, we’re not supposed to.  This brings to mind being in love with two people at the same time.  I was still living in Point Arena and in a relationship.  The problem was that I had been head-over-heels in love with a man I met when I was 16 and he was in his 30’s.  We had instant chemistry and my thoughts obsessed over him…and the feeling was mutual.  Through the years we both had relationships with other people, but no relationship could compare with what I felt for him.  I think that is why neither of our relationships worked out because our timing was always off and no other person could ignite even the smallest spark to compare to the fire we had between us.  It was as though we didn’t really love the people we were with, well not in the same way we loved each other, even though we thought we did.  Most times those loves were no more than friendships, faking our way thro