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Saturday, October 26, 2013



 we are the sum of all the people we have ever known…as well as those we have briefly met.  I was recently thinking about a new friend I made and how, within the short time I have known her, her presence in my life has altered the way I view certain things, as if in a brand new light.  Her views on life in general and honesty and integrity really made me think that I was meant to meet her at this particular time in my life because those are values that have recently taken on great importance to me in a way they never have before, and to meet someone with those core values now, is like being told, “this is another part of who you are and who you want to be, and this person can strengthen those qualities in you.”  It isn’t that I don’t already believe in those things and use them in my daily life, but their value was never clear to me until recently.cheek2cheek  On the same note, I have been able to help her with areas she has been struggling to bring to the surface in her life as well.

It is now that I realize how plotted our lives are, and by that I mean our paths are mapped out for us even though we think we are making our own choices most of the time (and to some extent we are).  I see now how every person I have ever met has been a piece of the puzzle that is my life.  Each person I come in contact with, whether for a life time, a brief time, a short span or even a few, fleeting moments, has touched me and taught me something, good or bad, and it is from meeting and/or knowing these individuals that I have become the person I am today.

meandmom2My mother and my son have taught me things too numerous to count over so many years.  friends have taught me patience, laughter, creativity, how to be friends with a lot of people at the same time and never lose touch with each other, the value of needing people and how that is really a huge part of what we are meant to do on our journey here in this plain/realm.  I have taken great lessons from bad experiences as well as astounding experiences.  kimanddawnannie&meHow many times have you thought to yourself, wow that was really a bad time in my life but if I had not lived through it then (blank) wouldn’t have happened and (blank) wouldn’t be here now and (blank) I wouldn’t be able to (blank) at this time in my life.

What about the lessons and influences I have given to others.  It isn’t just about what they have done for me, but what I was meant to do for them in their lives.  It is a two-lane highway of give and take and coming now upon this realization I feel empowered and anxious to meet those individuals who lie ahead for me to meet in my future.

To all of you I have ever met and have ever known, I thank you for your influence in my life and for my influence in yours and I look forward to meeting those of you I have yet to meet for just those reasons.

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