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Did you ever FEEL too much?  I mean REALLY feel ~ all the way to the deepest depths of your soul…get so far down into the abyss of yourself that you literally become lost.  Some people call it overthinking or overanalyzing, but how can thinking or analyzing ever be in excess?  We all, at some point or other, think about our mortality, the meaning of life, etc.  But did you ever want so desperately to know who you are that you are willing to dive into the black sea of emotions whose very horizon threatens your sanity every waking moment?  I am a writer and an artist.  They say that artists teeter on the fine line between insanity and reality and each day that I am blessed with a clean slate in the morning, I realize that to be fact by the sun’s descent.  My own personal abyss used to cause me great depression and a very negative view of life in general.  Now, that I’ve grown and evolved with it, I am enamored by the myriad of layers which are all parts of me.  I can very much underst


As I sit by the open window in my bedroom, listening to the red robin perched on the fence just outside, his melodic whistles flitting about the cool breeze, I am ever aware of the aching pains in all of my muscles from the waist down.  Why does the moist air this time of year send my body into a state of atrophy?  I feel my age when this happens and I try never to feel  my age.  I await the arrival of the mechanic who is going to drop by and start my work truck, who loves spending time at mechanics' shops more than she does working for me, and will drive it down there and drop it off.  Worst part about my job so far?  Never having my work truck up and running as it is the one thing I need to perform my job.  I hear thunder booming in the distance, most likely making its way toward me bringing rain and lightening.  The Western breeze smells wet and cool. Knowing that the people I love most in the world are safe and secure gives me a warm feeling of joy.  I am making plans to g