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Sunday, July 7, 2013


Did you ever notice how one day, you’re driving along, deep in thought, and you suddenly notice a road sign right in front of you with, either the answer to what you were contemplating or, more likely, a judgment call.  This has been happening to me a lot lately, or maybe it happens all the time and I am really noticing it lately.  I was thinking to myself, as I was driving deep in thought just recently, about what is happening in my life and about the direction I would like it all to take.  I came around a bend in the road and there was this road sign, “ROUGH ROAD AHEAD.”  I blurted out, “No fucking way.”  But there it was, in black and yellow and it was so fitting to what I was just rolling over in my head.  Then I thought about all the other times I noticed this happening. 

A long time ago I was along for the ride with my father and one of his employees and we were headed to Santa Rosa to pick up supplies.  We were talking about one of the locals we knew and trying to come up with a word to describe her recent actions.  We came around a corner and there it was…the answer…a road sign that read, “DIP.”  Talk about spontaneous combustion…we all got quiet, looked at the sign and burst into hysterical laughter at the irony of it all. 

I haven’t seen a sign yet that didn’t have some relevant meaning to my present situation.  “CAUTION,” is a huge one as well as, “YIELD,” and, “STOP.”  I also love the funny signs.  One that used to be posted all over the Staples parking lot here in town was the, “SPEED HUMP” signs.  I would get so excited when I saw them.  I thought, “Finally, I’m gonna get a quickie.”

So next time you’re out for a drive, pay close attention to the signs you see…they’re trying to tell you something!!!



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