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Monday, May 27, 2013



It seems only yesterday that I was struggling to make ends meet for literally years.  I finally got tired of living that way and put it out the universe to please let me make something of my life and have abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life.  A week later I have a new position with the same company I have worked for for 4 years.  The pay is fantastic, the benefits are awesome, I have my own service rig, and so far, the job, although tough and long hours are involved, is something I think I can handle once I have finished the load of training involved, and something I think I will like. 

Being a Taurus I’m always wanting change, but always resisting it.  I finally stopped getting in my own way and wow, the door of opportunities has opened.

On another note, my son and his partner have moved in with me as they got themselves into a situation they couldn’t get out of without ending up on the streets.  I had a spare room so it is (so far) working out well.  They are picking up the slack in the house that I can’t do when I’m out in my rig working.  I like having them here and we like all the same foods and have many of the same habits so there really isn’t any clashing involved.  They are going to save up for a new place and also both of them are going to get back in school.  I’m happy just to be able to help.

There are no new love interests on the horizon, but who knows.  My job involves a lot of travel so I could meet the perfect woman.  LOL.  I want a calm and extremely patient woman, one who is secure with who she is, but doesn’t go around telling everyone how wonderful she thinks she is.  There’s a fine line between confidence and “my shit don’t stink.”  I want one who isn’t opinionated and judgmental about everything.  That gets SO old, so fast, and I don’t want someone reminding me all the time what the bible says, because I’ve read it.  I just want someone I can relax with and enjoy life with and a best friend I can talk to about anything and everything and someone who wants to share, but respects privacy just the same.  In other words, I don’t mind working on a relationship to make it through the small hills and valleys, but I don’t want to have to WORK on a relationship just to make it work.  If you have to work that hard on a relationship, you are obviously not with the right person.  Every couple argues, but if it happens all the time and there is more arguing than not, don’t you want to ask yourself what you like about this person at that point?  I have had enough drama in my life and my next relationship has to promise to be drama-free.  I hope you all do the same for yourselves and realize that you come first in all aspects of your life.  You can’t be happy with someone else if you aren’t happy with yourself.

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