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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of wines in the Southern Arizona region (over 14 years of first-hand experience and going strong), I have to say, hands down, that the best wines come from The Village of Elgin Winery in Elgin, Arizona (Click here to visit their website).  Today I made my tri-annual trek to the Sonoita wine belt to restock my cellar and this is always my first stop.  I know exactly what I want when I arrive  and if there are any new arrivals on the scene, I’m ready to sample. 

Three labels can be found in the charming tasting room:  The World Famous Tombstone Family of Wines®, The Four Monkey Wines®,
and The Village of Elgin Wines™.  

Of the “Monkey” variety, my favorite flavor is that of the Naughty Monkey, “A Moscato with great body and a honey and cream texture”.  See, even the name suits me (insert chuckle here).  Of the “Tombstone” variety, I quite prefer the Tombstone Madame which boasts, “…a blush wine with intense fruit and superb balance.”  Of the “Village” variety, I love most of them, my top favorites being
Karina, “…German-styled wine, Riesling and colombard. Full fruit and juicy texture,” Bisbee Copper, “…Great balance and super long finish. Great fruit flavors and pairs perfectly with spicy foods.” Alesecia, “A sweet Ros’e of Cabernet with candied cherry and pineapple flavours,” and last but definitely not least, Maria, “Floral and ripe fruit notes.  Finishes long.  Formally the G, ask if you dare.”  The Maria is a wonderful dessert wine and the tease in its description certainly lead me to “dare,” so I asked.  It seems this wine once was dubbed as “The G Spot” by some of the women who worked at the winery.  After sampling this fruity tease, I bought some on the “spot,” (pun intended).  

All of the wines are very reasonably priced, and this comes to you from a girl on a shoestring budget!

This day I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Reeves, one of the owners of this fine, family-owned wine palace.  He was friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable, answering all of my 120 questions with ease and a smile.  

If you should find yourself in the area, or even if you don't, it is well worth the trip to this beautiful part of Arizona to add any and all of these five-star, award winning wines to your private reserve. 


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