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WHO MAKES UP THIS STUFF? Is a frog’s ass water tight? Has somebody checked? Would it even be right? Is a one-armed paper hanger really that slow? Have you ever observed one? Then how would you know. Is a pig really happy while sitting in shit? Is there a test to find out? Does it come in a kit? Has money ever really been grown on a tree? If you happen to see one would you get one for me? Does a bear really always shit in the woods? Are there people out watching in camouflaged hoods? Do some really think that hell could freeze over? That one might actually be totally clever. These sayings are crafted by people so wise, But something informs me they’re nothing but lies.


What happens when parents malfunction?  A total chain reaction equal to that of one atomic bomb set off by another, but at a much slower pace.  If you think about the dynamics here, along with the repercussions you can surmise that one is only as good or bad as those by which they were or were not raised.  There are rare instances of individuals who swear they will not be the kind of parent(s) that they were raised by and, occasionally that is the case.  You CAN be the one to break the mold, but more times than not this will entail you fighting your very soul to change yourself enough that you can accomplish this feat.  It didn't start with you, but it can end with you. I was determined to raise my son in a healthy environment and I feel I was able to just that.  I did most things opposite of the way my parents did.  I didn't drink large amounts of alcohol every day and night.  I didn't come home at late hours and ask my son to fend for himself for meals.  I didn


Words CAN kill...they can kill a friendship, a relationship, a love affair, a job, an court case, and can actually take a life depending on the situation.  I've known instances where school-age kids injure one of the other kids so badly with words that they take their own lives.  Words are just that powerful. How sad that some people don't realize the importance of HOW something is said rather than putting the emphasis on WHAT is being said, hence the adjective “empathy.”  For instance a friend and I text quite frequently back and forth and with texting you can too easily assume a can be any tone and usually winds up being the tone coming from the mood you are in at the time.  I hate texting for that reason alone.  Then, due to spelling errors and hot tempers, things are misunderstood and taken the wrong way so a heated argument ensues in which neither party is really listening to the other and boom...a friendship is doomed forever . For example, the person I wa


(c) 2010 Kimberly Photo Kreations Who do you think you are? This is a question that I despise because it is a question that one generally has thrust upon them during a heated discussion or altercation of some sort.  Okay, sometimes it isn't--sometimes it is a valid question if, for instance, you are a person in the mental health field talking to a patient.  Generally, however, this is not the context in which this phrase bothers me.        Why do we ask each other this silly question?  Who do we think we are.  Obviously, in anger it implies that the other person thinks they are better than the person asking the question, as in royalty or God or someone of that nature.  But if you really sit down and think about this question as it is being thrust upon you, you could respond in this manner to the question-asker..."Well, I think I'm a deep person, someone who really cares about others and tries to help them.  I also think I'm a photographer, a writer, a mother, a s


How many times during a conversation with someone have they said to me, “Damn, you should write a book.”  A lot, as it turns out.  I ask myself this question every time someone offers this comment to me, “Why?”  I don’t see that my life was any more difficult than a lot of people’s lives and in contrast to some, probably quite an easy life.  Nonetheless, I hear this all the time.  I have finally decided that I am going to give it my best effort, however there are still so many patches of fog I need to overcome first. I often wonder why, as Christmas approaches, I find myself feeling anxious and nervous each and every year since I can remember.  The answer, as it turns out, is because just about every bad thing that happened to our family would generally happen at Christmas time.  Let’s see, my dad’s 3 heart attacks and his coronary were at Christmas and my brothers and I were always shipped off to Palo Alto, California to spend the holidays with my Aunt Wanda (my favorite Aunt, than