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THIS IS WHAT I KNOW… Life is hard; teenagers don’t want to be friends with their mothers; people hurt the people they love without reason, animals love you unconditionally; the IRS is more like the mafia than people realize; finding work that you love that pays well is next to impossible; with faith you are never alone; you should never use the word, “should;” some people only want to use you; control is a four letter word; jealousy is ugly; you can’t make someone like or love you; people grow apart; art is in your soul; you can’t forgive anyone unless you forgive yourself first, domesticity is complacent; people need people whether they know it or not; children are meant to grow apart from their parents; it’s possible to know that you’re insane; poetry flows from within me; I wear my heart on my sleeve; I’m not considered to be a happy person; I love to decorate places and things; tears can set you free; sadness deepens with each lifetime; positivity is the best healer; being indi


I’ve just had the shittiest birthday of my entire life.  When my mother was alive I so looked forward to each and every birthday as I knew each year she would plan and shop and make sure that everyone in the family had a dinner out (or in as requested), presents and a family celebration.  Since her departure, birthdays now represent this dreary time where there once was joy and no one wants to celebrate anymore.  This year, May 1st to be exact, was my 50th birthday.  Now I’m thinking, “Oh this will be great because my friends and family know it is a big deal turning 50 and I am sure someone will either plan a party or take me out for dinner and drinks.”  You know what I got?  Absolutely nothing.  My former boss promised me a night out on my actual birthday but then was sick that day and couldn’t take me out.  We rescheduled for this past Tuesday, but when it rolled around, no phone call or text from her at all.  Just blown off!  I had scheduled myself a great spa day for last Sat