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As you know by now, I have been maladjusted to this "empty nesting" thing that was thrust upon me, even though it is within the scope of nature's plan.  Since my last post I have polled any and all mothers who have lived through this process and find that I am not alone in my conflicted feelings, i.e. "This is cool, there is food in the refrigerator when I get home," but "I really miss my 'little' boy," etc. At first I was hurt because of the way it happened and, ultimately it was my decision, but the only one that could be made at the time.  My son had agreed to honor the deal we made about living at home until he finished the first two years of college, but was not at all happy when he was physically at home (the frequency of which quickly dwindled).  My dilemma?  Did I make him stay at home and be miserable?  Or let him out of the deal and basically boot him out the door and into the arms of the new family and life he had recently adopted.

When do you STOP being a mother?

My son is 18, graduated from high school, working during the day and going to school at night.  Now one would think, wow this all seems to be going great, but as many of you know, I have been a single parent for 18 years and he my only child.  The question, "When do you STOP being a mother" is now the burning question in my son's mind.  I think 18 is a horrible age.  It is the age of yearning to be on your own as an adult and yet not quite ready to let go of the security and routine of home life.  We made a bargain that he would live at home until he finished the first two years of college and obtained his Associate's degree.  Here we are barely through the first year, and he is chomping at the bit to get a place of his own.  Now I would say this was a timely reaction considering his age, however none of this was an issue until he met "Brooke," her boyfriend and their group of friends, of which he is now an intricate cog in their teen-recruitment workings