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I think most people would look upon the quote, “Into each life, a little rain must fall,” with negative connotation.  I, however, have grown to love this quote and view it in the most positive of lights because I realize that rain is a good thing.  It waters natures plants and nurtures the earth, as well as all living things upon the earth.  Therefore I must assume that the creator of this quote was either a negative thinker or that his or her intention was misconstrued from the beginning.  I sincerely hope that for anyone who reads this post, rain will fall into your life and nurture your world.


Texting is the most popular form of communication these days, but there is a huge aspect of it that I hate.  For example, this morning I texted a person to see if they were coming in to work today, but they reminded me that they didn't come in on holidays and it was Labor Day.  I told them I wasn't aware, because here I am working and there is nothing in the office to say that it's Labor Day and I plain forgot.  I mean, I'm old, we forget shit.  They texted back in what seemed like an angry way and I texted back and could tell they took it in an angry way.  I missed their phone call as I was out cleaning a lot of dropped equipment and my phone was in the store.  They then texted back angry again.  Now, I don't know for sure if they were texting angry, or if I was for that matter, but I hate that aspect of texting.  A person can take it any way they want, and if they take it as anger, they will text back in anger.  They should invent some kind of a button to annotate


If I didn’t believe in divine intervention in the past, I certainly do now.  Why, you ask?  As those of you who know me or read my blog whenever I have time to publish will know, this has been an incredibly tough financial time for Brice and I.  This however, is no different from those of us in the rest of the country, and like so many in this country, am losing my home and not able to obtain much else in the way of employment other than my part time job of 2-1/2 years (which I love). Here is where the divine intervention comes into play.  I have some neighbors next door, a couple, who have lived there for almost a year, and who have been great neighbors to have in the sense that they are quiet and fun to chat with when we have time to chat.  I have always felt that would have my back.  In fact, Barbara did have my back one day when the building inspector came around, but that’s another story.  I mentioned to Barbara one day in passing that they would be seeing a for sale sign go