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Some time ago I was in the middle of a profound thought (as I often am) and the following musings came to me: Our life, as gifted to us in the beginning, is one large lump of time. Each individual receives this lump at birth and has only that allotted time in which to choreograph and shape what will become their life in totality. Some are blessed with more time than others, some are blessed with less, but the secret is not to waste a second of it. We must cherish every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every Year to the point that it could be our last. That which is wasted on wishing we were older, wishing we were younger and wishing we had different circumstances, can never be regained. Hold this time in your heart like a new born baby and cherish it as such. Laugh at everything possible, take joy in everything around you, love as often as you can, and befriend as many people that cross your path. In doing so you will enrich