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WE Make Our Day

As much pondering as I do (I really need to get a life), I realized this morning just how much in charge of our daily grind we are.  Much like this gull who wanted tartar sauce with his fish and decided he was going to go ahead and help himself to what was left on the table, since obviously no one was going to finish it.  I swear I saw that gull smile after polishing off the tartar sauce and humming a merry tune as he finished and took flight. Because I so greatly battle with low/no self-esteem on, what seems like, an hourly basis these days, I in turn live with so much depression and all too quickly grasp the negative side of things before I do the positive.  This morning I decided to take action because this crap is getting me nowhere.  I wrote out three great positive affirmations and “arted” them up a bit.  They are now taped to my bathroom mirror where I will see them first thing every morning and hopefully where they will sink into my soul subliminally.  The first one says, “Y