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A Nostalgic Journey

A trip that began with such ambivalence turned out to be  filled with wonderful memories and a reconnection with close friends. My son and I, along with my brother Scott and his family and my brother Bob and his wife, traveled back to our family home last month to spread our mother’s ashes.  Although there was much sadness in the reason we were there, there was also such joy and empowerment in being able to finally give my mother her wish of getting to be back at her home again.  I know in my heart it made her ecstatically happy and fulfilled.  Thanks to the wonderful heart of the homeowner, we were able to spend the night in the home we grew up in and spread our mother in the back yard next to the beautiful flowers overlooking the ocean.  This was the first time my son got to see the ocean and it was so awesome to watch him gaze in amazement at its vastness and beauty.  He kept saying, “I can’t get over how there is all this water and then absolutely nothing beyond it, not an

Why Do Some People Think They Are Royalty?

Why is it, that even though we are all put here on earth in an equal manner, some people think they have the right to govern over everyone around them?  You know who I mean.  Those people with superior attitudes who take liberties to create an environment in which everything is to their advantage, no matter who it affects.   This subject came barreling at me yesterday while at work.  There is an employee there who thinks that because he has been there so long he can just walk in and do things like turn of the lights in the bay while we’re working, even though the boss wants them on, or yell at people right in their face for stupid things like moving a cup.  I know when you work with people you have to be a team player, but I don’t think he got that memo.  Or maybe he did get the memo and it didn’t suit him so he ran it through the shredder.  He reminds me of Peter Pan, never wanting to grow up.  He wants the world to cater to his needs and doesn’t give a damn about giving